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Para los players de la industria inmobiliaria de Centroamérica este viernes 29 de marzo llega a la ciudad de Panamá el PropTech Latam Workday Panamá , enfocado a los promotores, developers, brokers, constructoras, empresas de tecnologías, startups e inversores de la región. La sede del evento es ADEN International Business School en Torre de las Américas, Punta Pacifica. (más…)

The technology applied to the real estate industry and construction is progressing slowly but firmly in Latin America. The industry players -developers, brokers, professionals, suppliers and investors in technology- are making an new ecosystem that is growing up faster in some countries more than in others.


The Latinamerican market and their players need the space for meet, discuss, learn and share experiences about how the technologies and innovation are changing the real estate market. And with those goals in mind started www.protechlatam.com , the first event of its kind in the region.


“In 2018 we made the PropTech Latam Summit in Santiago, Chile, the first regional event focused on this topic, the result was excellent, the market responds very well, and now we go for much more,” says the director and also creator of the event, Andrea Rodriguez Valdez. PropTech Latam Summit will celebrate its second edition on June 6th, 2019, again in Santiago de Chile, and this time brings as its main speaker the Englishman Andrew Baum, professor at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and author of the famous book Proptech 3.0.


MKTre.com , the organizer of the event, will celebrate 6 proptech events in the region for 2019. “We have a regional vision about PropTech, following the strategies of the companies that are part of our networking and our customers, which is why we decided this year 2019 to make 6 PropTech events in the main Latin American capitals,” enthuses the businesswoman.


  • PANAMA city : 29th March 2019
  • LIMA city , PERU: 9-10 May 2019
  • SANTIAGO DE CHILE:   6th June 2019
  • BOGOTA city, COLOMBIA: 19th September 2019
  • BUENOS AIRES city, ARGENTINA: 3-4 October 2019
  • MEXICO: 5th December 2019


The first date of the year is in Panamá on March 29. The PropTech Latam Workday. Panamá will take place at the headquarters of ADEN International Business School, in Punta Pacífica, Panamá City. Then follow Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Colombia and México.

“With each event we seek to show the local reality, bring together the players of that market, and generate the scope to think, learn new things, do networking and consider where we stand today in relation to technology.We take care of the content of the conference program of each event, and we bring speakers from the region, we always include a Keynote speaker from Europe, USA or Asia, who come to tell the experiences of these markets that take us a few years of advantage “.

In past editions the organization brought as keynotes speakers the English influencer James Dearsley, Cofounder of the global platform Unissu, and Steve Weikal, Head of Relations of the MIT Center for Real Estate. “With this agenda of 6 PropTech events for this year we aim to get close to local and regional entrepreneurs to bring them information and concrete solutions in this moment of revolution and change that the real estate is living” concludes Andrea. Knowing, learning, sharing and being open is the new way of seeing the traditional real estate and construction business.


www.proptechlatam.com – see our 6 events during 2019

PropTech Latam Workday Panama www.proptechworkday.com/panama

Andrea Rodriguez Valdez , Director :andrea@mktre.com

La tecnología está impactando a la industria inmobiliaria y está produciendo grandes cambios en la forma de ver y hacer Real Estate. Esta tendencia de innovación se conoce con el nombre PropTech – de Property Technology- y es una ola de cambios que han llegado para quedarse.


Para los players de la industria inmobiliaria de Centroamérica el próximo 29 de Marzo llega a la ciudad de Panamá el PropTech Latam Workday Panamá, enfocado a los promotores, developers, brokers, constructoras, empresas de tecnologías, startups e inversores de la región. La sede del evento es ADEN International Business School en Torre de las Américas, Punta Pacifica.


El evento cuenta con el apoyo de importantes empresas de Panamá y la región, como Compre o Alquile, Metro por Metro, Banistmo, Building Link, WeWork, Colliers, JLL, Gensler, por mencionar algunas. Asimismo, el encuentro tiene como partners estratégicos a Senacyt, ACOBIR, Blue Box y el MIT Center for Real Estate, entre otros.


El programa de conferencias concentra en un día 11 temas y más de 25 speakers locales e internacionales, entre los que se destacan dos Keynote speakers: Steve Weikal, Head de Relaciones Institucionales del MIT Center for Real Estate que estará por Video conferencia, y Christian Wolff, Principal, Director de Gensler Latinoamérica (Costa Rica)



Temario de las conferencias:

  • “Introducción al PropTech”.
  • “MIT de Massachusetts: nuevos conceptos en el mundo del Real Estate” (videoconf)
  • El uso de la tecnología para mejorar la performance y las ventas inmobiliarias
  • « Blockchain: visión global y realidad local”
  • “Presentación de GENSLER”
  • “El impacto de los nuevos consumidores del Real Estate”
  • “El Real Estate que aman los millenials: coworking, coliving”
  • “Inversión en tecnología: Venture Capital, Corporate Venturing, aceleradoras”
  • Panorama Proptech Centroamérica y Caribe”
  • El impacto del PropTech en el commercial Real Estate


  • PANEL DE STARTUPS, moderado por Blue Box (Mexico) y PireLabs.com (Argentina)



Costo del pase a partir 16 marzo U$S 200.- Inscripción online con diversos medios de pago en http://www.proptechworkday.com/panama/